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Thursday, August 30, 2012

Perception-The mother of all issues!

Each person has his or her own perspective on the same issue and both can be right in their own ways!
That's life!

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Pressure cooker whistles finally!

Never did the all familiar and irritating sound of the Indian pressure cooker, seem so endearing to my ears...

After a month of induction cooking, finally the kitchen became all functional with the gas and water connections.

What was supposed to be a blessed and joyous feel of moving into our new home was sadly turned into an agonizing wait and misery over a conned affair.

I wonder how we became the gullible victims and hate every bit of the wretched time. But having said that, I will make sure no one runs off with my hard earned moolah. If someone wants easy money, they are definitely not getting it out of my pocket!

So be it! If this means going after the contractor and making visits to police stations or taking the B*****D to court, then thats what it will be. This was the only missing bit we didn't yet do in the la la be it!

Monday, August 6, 2012

Home sweet home!

Sheer exhaustion from all the stress of packing & moving, tired to the bones, cramps in the calf muscles from all the fatigue, (the list is endless), yet there is contentment & joy of living my first day in a home built from our hard earned money!

Spent a successful first day in our new home...

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Monday, July 23, 2012

of people...

Hmm, wondering if the title should be "of people" or should it just be "me about people" :)

Yet again at that point in life where a trusted (can't really say that) bond has broken, a known friend has been added to the "no longer exists" category. Well nothing new there. You can't keep every one happy at all times....

Out of life, out of sight and out of mind.....Mission finished!

I don't know why these things don't affect me anymore. Not that they would do me any good if they did affect me.. ;)

I have reached a point where I just shrug these situations off, never to think about these people again.

Jo saath hai, unka saath amoolya hai, aur jo chale gaye, kissa khatam!

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Just walls & floor

In the middle of packing and a ton of other stuff to oversee, here I am at a place I can call "my home".

The walls are done & wood finish on the floor is polished. There's a strong lingering smell of paint & turpentine. No furniture yet. S & s have gone off to fetch a locksmith, leaving me behind. With nothing much left for me to do, the thought of squatting on the freshly polished floor was too good to miss :)

Just a week left before we move in to our home. I am full of ideas but to get them into shape  is going to take
some time & a lot of our savings :(

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Thursday, July 19, 2012

The lovely woods

The woods are lovely dark & deep
And I have miles to go before I sleep....

Silent Musings

Sigh! 12 years of marriage, 10 years of living in Singapore, two kids & a home we can call our own! What else can anyone desire to achieve from a typical "desi" perspective.

S arrived in the lah lah land with two suitcases in 2002. I joined him with two of my suitcases. After that its history. Cartons and cartons of stuff but this place is still full. There's so much more that needs to be packed, I am really worried...

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Is the glass half full or half empty?

Often we have used the phrase "The glass is half full or half empty" to define an Optimist or a Pessitmist respectively but has anyone wondered if there was more to it than just the philosophy of optimism or pessimism behind this.

That's where I feel perception makes the difference. If you and I are two different people, with different ideas, genetic make up and differing thoughts, how we perceive the glass is also different.

To a pessimist, the glass is half empty.
To an optimist, the glass is half full.
To a physicist, it's 100% filled, half with water and the other half with air :)
To a scientist, the terms half full or half empty don't make sense since "empty" or "full" are absolute states. The glass can either be full or empty. There's nothing like half-full or half-empty :)
To a realist, it makes no difference.

The bottom line is "perception". How one perceives a certain situation speaks a lot about the kind of person one is.

Given a glass that's half filled with water, my perception of the same is that I am personally happy to have a glass in the first place and thrilled that it has some water in it. I definitely am not going to waste my time wondering why there's only half a glass, or who drank the other half, or why is the glass filled with only water and why does it not have something else or what do I do to fill the remaining half.

There are various ways in which the glass may be perceived and the important message is contentment.

One needs to learn to be content and happy in that contentment. I am content with what I have, infact thrilled to have what ever I do.

Perception-The mother of all issues

This is the title of my book, my dream in life some day..
There's a flurry of random thoughts in my mind at all times and I always felt the fingers would start typing at furious speed when I start giving some direction and shape to this post. Yet, there's uncertainity looming large and I am at a loss of direction.
At school when there was this inevitable query of "what do you want to become in life ?" , the first thought that came to my mind was "Doctor".
Because my father wanted to see me become one!
The second best thought "Detective/Lawyer".
That was the total book addict and an ardent reader of Nancy Drew's novels speaking her mind :)
But then there was also a thought that never surfaced, but remained tugging at my heart " a writer"
What good is a writer who keeps her thoughts bottled up inside, never to see the light of this world. I guess I knew I would enjoy doing this as perhaps the best times of my life were spent jotting notes in my personal diary. For years I would pour my heart out to my diary, blissfully unaware that some one could one day peep in to my life, my thoughts, my real me. The "me" that I had kept locked up in the diary. :)
Unfortunate as it may be, but when I realized my diary was being read, I destroyed every bit of my thoughts that existed in writing. :( In retrospection I regret the loss dearly.
But being the hard core expressor of thoughts, I knew I had to vent off my thoughts and I took to creative writing and poetry.
My diary of poetic musings and I never parted. We were always together and so when I tied the knot and shifted to my new home, my diary went with me.
Given the new found role in life and the added responsibilities that came with it, my creative writitng took a back seat and my little companion was left in a shelf in my new home, a small farm house built on a horse breeding (Stud) farm.
For months, I did not feel the urge to write, until finally one day I decided it was time to blow the dust off the diary and get creative with my thoughts.
but alas! My creative writing was loved by a certain species so much so that they devoured every little bit of it. :(
Termites!!! The bloody swarm just left the diary cover intact, leaving it hollow to the depths.
The sudden loss of all my creative writing left the writer inside me with an agonizing hollowness that took years to fill and I gave up writing.
Over the years, I took to expressing my thoughts over online forums and that satiated the writer for sometime.
One day, my father asked me to start a blog, and I wondered why I let all these years go by without putting these thoughts some where secure :)
I guess this post marks a series of my "perception thoughts" in the days to come.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Rant Rant Rant!

Not in the best of spirits as I start typing this post...
All credit to the wet blankets in and around life...

A friend said it perfectly for me in the typical Urdu proverb that goes...

Kismat kharab hai toh Unth pe baithe toh bhi kutta kaat ta!

Meaning, if things have to go wrong, they just will. Nothing can change what is predestined to happen.

Relatives are God's punishment I suppose for all the bad doings. Thank God, we are allowed to choose our friends at least.

Friday, June 15, 2012

Shri's 40th

Today's Shri's 40th birthday. I have planned on a surprise party with some close friends but have a feeling he has already smelt something fishy. :(

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

This and that...

Saanjali's a little bomb ticking away. I always thought Saveer was a handful but it seems like Saanjali is all set to outsmart him in every way possible.

She actually rolled over from her tummy onto her back on Day 2 and I wondered if that was just a one off episode, but then little missy has been doing that every single day, each time I gave her an oil massage before her bath.

Research articles quote that IVF babies borm from the freeze thaw cycles are far more stronger than those from natural IVF cycle or naturally conceived babies. I think Saanjali is proving the research right ;)

She hates lying still or in one place and wants to be carried all around the place "all the time". I have an ip cam installed at home to keep a watch on the maid when she's handling the kids and can't help but feel guilty when I see mom carrying Saanjali around all day with out a break :(

I am also dreading the time I need to travel with Saanjali for the first time as I am sure to receive some nasty glares. Little missy is blessed with vocal cords that can wake the dead.

As for me, I am a dairy manufacturing unit right now and a hungry cow at that. I have gained 4 kg in the last few months, after losing the initial post delivery weight. I really need to work on the weight and soon but the hunger pangs and cravings are so bad it's tough not to indulge :(

The weight has brought back Asthma again and the gestational diabetes has now become pre-diabetes (IGT-Impaired Glucose Tolerance) (fasting levels normal, post meal levels high). The doctor won't and can't prescribe any medication right now as I am still feeding the baby. The longer I feed the baby, the better chances I have of overcoming the diabetes crap and so I am trying to enjoy being the dairy cow :)

A 36-24-36 isn't my cup of tea but I do hope to achieve some sort of a figure some day :)

Friday, May 18, 2012

Baqwas Basanti

Ab ghoda ghaans se dosti karega toh khayega kya aur Basanti apni baqwas band karegi toh jeeyegi kaise :) Badhazmi ho jayegi use... :)

Aaj ka random vichar hai kameenapan kameene log

If there's anything I can't tolerate then it's hypocrisy in any form. Absolutely detest hypocrites! When they specially come in the form of "friends" then that's the kind I am wary about...

Having come to the "la la" land of Singapore almost a decade ago, in the initial days the need for having like minded "desi" friends was paramount. Having got hooked on to an online forum, I did manage to strike a lottery in terms of the desi crowd and managed to make some lovely friends. Today in retrospection I also realize I made a distance with more so called friends in over a year than I can imagine I did in my entire life spent in India. Insecurity, OCD of P(Obsessive Compulsive Disorder) of possessiveness, lies, hypocrisy, back stabbing and the like being major reasons or falling apart.

One of the most intriguing things (frustrating and disgusting as well) I face today is the double standards people live with. This is also perhaps something inherent with some women. Bitching and gossip can't be separated from the women kind. Actually it's more human than anything. It's not like men don't gossip. I know for a fact they do but I guess women take an upperhand :)

I have had two people (don't want to demean the term "friend" by calling them that, so people they will be) incessantly bitch about each other on various ocassions.In retrospection, now I realize it was perhaps their intention to try and secure their own place in my life while ensuring the other was kept away. I am wary of the bitching and gossip kinds and have always maintained a safe distance. Ofcourse the curiosity within remained (I am the female species afterall ;))and so I have had open ears to all the gossip but keeping my judgement solely to myself.

In time, I reached a point where I realize there wasn't much "friend material" in these bitchy kinds and I just let them hang on while I maintain my distance. A few years down the road, I find the very same two people actually posting mushy and complimentary comments on a social networking site. :)

Hadd hai boss! What hypocrites!

Random Thoughts

The pen needs the paper and so do thoughts...
Had too many random thoughts in my mind this evening and realised I have been keeping too many things on the "to do" list for later...

Enough of the procrastination and so here we are.....

Everyone of us is aware there is a higher purpose we have to our lives and yet we choose to ignore the nitty gritty and get too involved with the mundaneness of life.

By writing down these random thoughts I don't in anyway believe that I am above the rest but at least there is realization and that is important to me.

Speaking of relationships, I have met various people under various circumstances in life. Some have left a lasting impact although separated by time and distance and perhaps even death. While there are others whose presence or absence makes no difference.There are also those who are the special "inner circle" who are constantly around and whose presence in life is pivotal.

The funniest bit is about how we humans are engulfed by the need to be loved, to be accepted and surrounded by the like minded.