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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Pressure cooker whistles finally!

Never did the all familiar and irritating sound of the Indian pressure cooker, seem so endearing to my ears...

After a month of induction cooking, finally the kitchen became all functional with the gas and water connections.

What was supposed to be a blessed and joyous feel of moving into our new home was sadly turned into an agonizing wait and misery over a conned affair.

I wonder how we became the gullible victims and hate every bit of the wretched time. But having said that, I will make sure no one runs off with my hard earned moolah. If someone wants easy money, they are definitely not getting it out of my pocket!

So be it! If this means going after the contractor and making visits to police stations or taking the B*****D to court, then thats what it will be. This was the only missing bit we didn't yet do in the la la be it!

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