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Thursday, January 12, 2017

The Letter A of Fitness

The letter A of Fitness!

Your life or fitness journey could be defined or refined, however you take it, by the following 3A's:

Acknowledgement & Acceptance
Action, Amendment & Adapt
Achieve and Affirm

The first and foremost thing that defines anyone is one's Attitude. Attitude, not towards the outside world, but your attitude towards your own self, towards your own life. With the right attitude, comes the acknowledgment of the state you are in. Admit that you need to do something in order to bring about the necessary changes in your life. We are often in self denial or in the very common phase of procrastination. It is also worth noting that with acknowledgment, should come acceptance. It's no big deal if you acknowledge that there is a problem and don't allow it to bother you beyond that. Acknowledge that there is an issue that needs to be addressed and accept it. We come across many situations in life where an acquaintance, friend or family member makes a personal comment on our state, be it something like,

"Hey, why don't you do something about your weight?. You must join the gym or there's this excellent Yoga teacher who can help you lose that flab.

Oh! You have diabetes! You must cut out sugar and go for a walk or start running every day.

Oh ho look at those tandoori thighs. Why don't you do something?" and the list can be endless.

What do we normally do when we face these personal comments either laced with concern or scathing and critically scornful. For someone who has acknowledged the problem and accepted it, it's a matter of fact thing but for someone in self denial, the first reaction to these situations is an instant vitriolic response often backed with a self empathizing portrayal of one's own state.

"It's easy for you to stand on the other side and make those disparaging remarks on my state or appearance but you only need to step into my shoes to experience the pinch.

Advice is easy when it's not your life.

People make it their personal business to butt in to someone's personal space. How can anyone be so insensitive. Don't they realize that I am suffering with a medical condition that doesn't allow me to do anything?" and this can just go on.

Acceptance along with a realization of your personal situation is key to the right attitude for the next Letter A in life.

Once you acknowledge your situation and accept it, you should be ready to take the plunge! Take action! Acknowledgment and acceptance are not enough. Understand that you have been gifted this one exclusive life and it is totally up to you to make it or break it. Just sitting on the couch and blaming the poor godforsaken hereditary genes is not going to take you anywhere leave alone resolving the problem. Sedentary behaviour is emerging as the root cause of most health issues, particularly a rise in cardiovascular diseases, type 2 diabetes and obesity. Stop whining and start shining! Take action and bring about the necessary amendments in your current life, be it dietary changes or finding some form of workout that works for you. Adapt to the changes just like animals, birds or plants adapt to their natural environment in order to survive. Adaptability is pivotal to your personal success especially more so in this journey of self improvement.

Once the journey starts from acknowledgment & acceptance, you take the necessary actions , make amendments and adapt to the changes, is there anything that can stop your progress towards achieving the goals you set for yourself? If the foundation is right, the building will stay upright. Fitness is like a castle in the air if it's not built on a solid foundation. Work progressively towards your personal achievements and affirm your life!

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