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Friday, May 18, 2012

Baqwas Basanti

Ab ghoda ghaans se dosti karega toh khayega kya aur Basanti apni baqwas band karegi toh jeeyegi kaise :) Badhazmi ho jayegi use... :)

Aaj ka random vichar hai kameenapan kameene log

If there's anything I can't tolerate then it's hypocrisy in any form. Absolutely detest hypocrites! When they specially come in the form of "friends" then that's the kind I am wary about...

Having come to the "la la" land of Singapore almost a decade ago, in the initial days the need for having like minded "desi" friends was paramount. Having got hooked on to an online forum, I did manage to strike a lottery in terms of the desi crowd and managed to make some lovely friends. Today in retrospection I also realize I made a distance with more so called friends in over a year than I can imagine I did in my entire life spent in India. Insecurity, OCD of P(Obsessive Compulsive Disorder) of possessiveness, lies, hypocrisy, back stabbing and the like being major reasons or falling apart.

One of the most intriguing things (frustrating and disgusting as well) I face today is the double standards people live with. This is also perhaps something inherent with some women. Bitching and gossip can't be separated from the women kind. Actually it's more human than anything. It's not like men don't gossip. I know for a fact they do but I guess women take an upperhand :)

I have had two people (don't want to demean the term "friend" by calling them that, so people they will be) incessantly bitch about each other on various ocassions.In retrospection, now I realize it was perhaps their intention to try and secure their own place in my life while ensuring the other was kept away. I am wary of the bitching and gossip kinds and have always maintained a safe distance. Ofcourse the curiosity within remained (I am the female species afterall ;))and so I have had open ears to all the gossip but keeping my judgement solely to myself.

In time, I reached a point where I realize there wasn't much "friend material" in these bitchy kinds and I just let them hang on while I maintain my distance. A few years down the road, I find the very same two people actually posting mushy and complimentary comments on a social networking site. :)

Hadd hai boss! What hypocrites!

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