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Friday, May 18, 2012

Random Thoughts

The pen needs the paper and so do thoughts...
Had too many random thoughts in my mind this evening and realised I have been keeping too many things on the "to do" list for later...

Enough of the procrastination and so here we are.....

Everyone of us is aware there is a higher purpose we have to our lives and yet we choose to ignore the nitty gritty and get too involved with the mundaneness of life.

By writing down these random thoughts I don't in anyway believe that I am above the rest but at least there is realization and that is important to me.

Speaking of relationships, I have met various people under various circumstances in life. Some have left a lasting impact although separated by time and distance and perhaps even death. While there are others whose presence or absence makes no difference.There are also those who are the special "inner circle" who are constantly around and whose presence in life is pivotal.

The funniest bit is about how we humans are engulfed by the need to be loved, to be accepted and surrounded by the like minded.

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