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Tuesday, August 16, 2011


A wonderful day real bright
metamorphosed in to a dull silent night ;
The bright sun that was shining in all its might
crept behind the clouds as if in fright.

There was no more chirping of the birds
which rushed in to their sanctuaries in their plight;
on witnessing in the sky, a thunderous fight .
in the hope of a warm day , after the death of the silent night.

The wind blew & in its rage
snatched from the earth, trees of age.
There was a down pour of rain ,
the clouds exhibitting their might.

The grey pavement soon
disappeared out of sight .
It was a fight of rights & over the day ,
truly the dark night had won.

But there shall be a bright tomorrow again ,
when over the clouds 'll emerge , the triumphant sun !

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