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Tuesday, August 16, 2011


I don’t remember much about
How I spent my childhood ,
Though I do imagine the
Hand that held mine …

I don’t remember the hand
That wiped my tears ,
Nor do I remember
Ever being held in all the years …

I don’t remember the comfort
Of a mother’s presence
While I fought silent battles
During the dreaded long nights…

I don’t remember the peace
Of lying in your arms
During the most trying periods
When life seemed so very futile …

I don’t remember the joy on your face
Over my little triumphs in life
Or even the hand that reached out
When I stumbled in life…

I don’t remember
A lot of things in life
But simply convince myself
About their reality in my life …

I don’t remember
Looking to you for support
Nor do I remember
The kind words of care …

I may not remember
Many things in life
But I do believe in our special bond
And you shall always be loved !!!!!!!!

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