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Tuesday, August 16, 2011


Today , i feel simply depressed,
with great difficulty , my tears i 've supressed .
Some times my strength does break
and i begin to wonder if my life were a mistake !

My eyes are filled with unshed tears ,
pondering over wounded feelings that pierce .
The sleepless nights have started
while peace from my life has departed !

There are times when i feel terribily insecure
some thing for which i can never find the cure .
Life around me seems like an uncongenial sphere ;
how i long to have a companion or someone near !

Gone with wind is my interest & concentration ,
buried very deep is my lost aim & ambition .
Distant & far away seem people , even my own ;
in this dark & mysterious world , i feel terribily alone !

Repeated pleas, i make to God
and every day i say ---"please Lord ,
take me away today ,
to some place peaceful & gay !!

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