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Tuesday, August 16, 2011


Once upon a time , there was a girl ,
slim , tall and fair .
Her long , black hair
resembled the beautiful mane of a mare !
Those enchanting lashes
around her pretty eyes ,
could easily entice men
and turn their voices into sighs !
The dimples in her cheek
played hide and seek ;
making the mightiest of the men
love sick , weary and meek !
The cute nose above her lips
stood with such poise ;
that stealing glances at her
would arrive the princes in disguise !
She was like a princess , very sweet ,
her charming smile , nothing could beat .
Her skin blushed like the rose
while painters craved for her pose !
Her life took a sudden turn ,
with each passing day , she began to yearn
seeking love , happiness and peace ,
sans hunger , sans sleep , her lips forgot to say "cheese" !
Her pretty eyes became sore
and soon her smiles began to cease ;
while people assumed that she
was struck by a strange disease !
Feeling melancholy , she 'd drown
into reveries during the day
and as arrived the silent night ,
she 'd sigh and simply pray !
Finally came the day , when her eyes met
with those that had snatched away her rest ;
wonder if it were tears in her eyes or dew ,
her heart felt hope and dream had come true !
The birds sang , while the flowers began to dance
to the melodic tunes of cheer & romance .
shining brightly was the sun above ,
the diagnosis was -----she was in love !!

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