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Tuesday, August 16, 2011


The world, to live in , may seem like a gloomy place
with absolutely nothing worthy of praise;
None has a minute to spare
or even a kind word of care.
But never mind dear heart, never mind
for, solace thou shall soon find !
The world is filled with people , selfish & mean;
living with them , a task , tougher than has ever been.
There's never a helping hand here
and no shoulder to lean.
But never mind dear heart, never mind
for , a friend thou shall soon find !!
This world may seem like a heavy burden;
also a cause for many a heart to harden.
There's neither peace here nor a trace of joy,
filled with only sorrow , sin , & despair.
But never mind dear heart , never mind
for , comfort ,thou shall soon find !!!
But dear heart the more I see of this world
disillusioned ; I begin to follow------
This life is a big facade and
all the reassurances , simply hollow !!!!

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