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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

MY SEARCH IS ON--------------

Who am I ?
What am I doing here ?
What is this strange place ?
Why am I here ?
Will I get my answers ?
My search is on-----------
Why am I confused ?
Or am I ?
What is this frustration for ?
Is there an outlet , a vent ?
Who am I putting these queries to ?
My search is on------------
What is "happiness " ?
The antonym for sorrow ?
Why is anyone unhappy ?
Because there is hatred ?
Why should there be hatred ?
My search is on---------------
Why does my mind experience a turmoil ?
Does it happen to all ?
Why is there a battle of emotions ?
Is this natural ?
Why is there an ache in my heart ?
My search is on ----------------
Why is each one of us living in pain ?
Because there’s no trust ?
What is trust after all ?
The belief in the Omnipotent ?
Who is the Omnipotent ?
My search is on ----------------

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