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Tuesday, August 16, 2011


While the world around is sound asleep
my aching heart keeps me awake;
bringing together the joyful memories
that are now edged with pain!

I try to shut out the memories
but they return time and again.
I try to console my heart
but in vain----

I drift back in to the past
which now seems like a lost dream;
Tears start rolling down easily
uncontrollable they seem!

In the stillness of the night
I call out to you.
"Where are you my friend?
Don't you hear my cries?"
You may have forgotten everything
but I treasure the moments we spent together;
when my pain was yours,
and your's-mine.

Two hearts but one feeling
two minds but the same thought!
For hours I would chatter
but you never once seemed bored ,
Up to silly pranks all the time
but you never did mind.

I opened my heart to you-----
A friend , I could trust with my life !
In the stillness of the night----
while my eyes are heavy with tears,
while my heart aches in misery,
while my mind battles with frustration;
I long to see you my friend ,
atleast once before I face my end !
The candle of my life is burning away .
That it may last till I see you ,is all that I pray
For the right moment I know ,you await ;
by then it may be too late !

In the stillness of the night----
I long to hear your voice ,
whether I'll set my eyes on you ,
I'll let destiny decide .
until then I am forced
to listen to my own cries ----
In the stillness of the night !

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