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Tuesday, August 16, 2011


Life is an upward journey ,
has been yesterday & so is today .
Still upward as the days go by
and years pass away !

Still upward as of now
with obstacles that 'll never bow .
Aspiring to reach that height ,
embracing name , fame & delight !

Life is an endless journey
through disappointments .
Through happiness & through sorrow
facing trials along the roads narrow !

Life is a journey through struggles & challenges ,
either one fails to accept them or simply faces them .
Life is also a journey through hope & desire
raging in one's heart like fire !

Life is but the beginning of death ,
anguish , pain , agony & frustration .
Moving closer & still closer
towards destruction !

Life is a journey through dreams
woven patiently through the years .
which may for the blessed few
sometimes prove to be really true !

Life is to obtain salvation
with belief , trust & devotion .
Life is a dark cloud with a silver lining ;
when the clouds disappear , the sun's still shining !

Life is a purposeful journey
towards a locked door ;
our entrance through which depends
on our deeds & so also destiny !

Life is an upward journey
and 'll always be ;
which 'll never prove futile ,
if one can only spare a smile !

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