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Tuesday, August 16, 2011


It began as a dark and cloudy day ,
hither & tither my thoughts wandered away .
Any time now its gonna rain;
the dull weather 's adding to my thoughts ,
hopeless and vain---------

The dark night's approaching slowly ,
and here i am sitting in my room;
the twinkling stars in my life have vanished ,
in their place i find ,depression & gloom.

In the sleepy nights , i often have a vision.
Wonder if its a farce or truly a premonition .
The signals are positive , however fuzzy & unclear ,
while a voice keeps repeating---"end's near "

Should i believe it or should i not ?
Is the controversy in my mind .
But as the morning sun shines brightly ,
i begin my daily chores , leaving my nightmares behind .

The dark night 'll soon be back
and history 'll repeat itself again.
Along with the darkness ,eerie and black ;
will return my thoughts & fears------
hopeless and vain .

Sometimes my thoughts do mislead .
The past is past ; dead and buried ,
while the present's today , full of life ,
and the future 'll be fine ,if one can strive .

Frankly this is easier said than believed .
From the cluthes of depression , i wish to be released .
Each day of my life seems to me,
as one ghastly nightmare ;
with each passing moment ,
about the hopelessness of it , i am made aware

As i pen down each line ,
i wish to relive all the happy moments of mine ;
Sans care , those good old days ,
and for happiness & peace , my heart does pine.

As goes the age old saying ,
"Make hay while the sun's still shining" ,
while the time's gay , i just keep smiling .
It wont be long before they return again ;
My thoughts-------------- hopeless & vain .

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