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Sunday, April 7, 2013

Perception - Of self

Yet another day when the mother of all issues is my own self perception.

I might be one of the chirpiest ones with positive energy over flowing at all times but when I am surrounded by a world of negative thoughts and people who constantly keep listing my faults,  there comes a time when I tend to get into the "Am I really such a failure? " mode. The most common cause of plunging into depression.

This is just about the time when I need to get a hold of my own perception. I begin to tell myself, no matter who says it and what I am being made to accept in terms of my "you are no good at" list, I refuse to let myself down to the pressure.  I refuse to let go of the control on my own self perception. I try not to fight back but fight with my own perception if I begin to start having any doubts about my self esteem.

No one's made perfect in this world and the definition of perfection might be perceived differently by each one of us. So I am not aiming for perfection but just that which keeps me happy.

It's not an easy task to ignore the constant bickering. It makes me wonder what anyone gains from criticism of others,  especially when it is someone you claim to love. Constantly badgering the person's self worth and making them feel like complete losers....Ha! Amazing!  If that's called harbouring a good will towards someone then I would rather not be at the receiving end of such good will.

For today, my perception was shaken up enough for me to vent this off on my blogger desk but I am not looking at yet another sob session like this...

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