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Saturday, July 11, 2015

Spaces where I discover myself

Spaces where I am finding my lost self. I have a renewed (again???) resolution towards making a fitter me. I have had enough of whining about time and lame excuses of my asthma getting triggered off by way of indulgence in any kind of workout. So, I kicked myself on my butt (theoretically) and decided that my husband and kids can certainly afford to not have me hovering around them for at least 5% (roughly an hour plus) out of the 24hours in a day and I walk/jog to my hearts content, sweating out the fat hopefully to a better, fitter me in the long run. It's amazing how those raised endorphins create a happy aura around me. This is the West coast park in Singapore where I find my solitude, my peace, my awakening and my resolution stays strong. After two plus weeks of running, I felt I could do more and took a brave decision to sign up for two official runs ;)

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